The dumbbell-only circuit for 45 minutes can lead to Serious Muscle Growth

This straightforward routine can add muscle growth to every part of your body using a pair of dumbbells.  In Today's Workout 45: The dumbbell-only circuit for serious muscle growth | Men's Fitness you'll learn how you can use this method in your own routine.

Serious muscle growth.  Incorporate this straightforward mass-building circuit into your routine to stack on size everywhere. From single-leg Romanian deadlifts (which will absolutely smoke your hamstrings) to (glute-incinerating) reverse lunges and (shoulder-building) dumbbell overhead presses, you'll be targeting every major muscle group from your legs to your shoulders. Add in the dumbbell front squat and the dumbbell deadlift, and you have a powerhouse lower-body circuit that will have you seeing muscle gains in no time.


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