Squats Exercise, The Benefits of Adding them to your Routine

Squats Exercise

Squats Exercise adding it to your routine. If your fitness or bodybuilding goal is building massive and solid legs, strengthening the muscles of the lower and upper body and improved balance and posture, then implementing complex and compound exercises such as Squats Exercise and Deadlifts in your training program is a MUST.  Performing Squats Exercise and deadlifts for sure is the best way, to build a strong and good looking body.


Also, it’s good to mention that by doing squats you will skyrocket your raw strength and the level of explosiveness in your lower body, because of the great activation that this exercise provides in all major muscle groups in the legs. Like I said before, mainly the Squats Exercise should be implemented in each and every training program like one of your primary exercises you should focus on. Together with the deadlift both of these exercises will provide killer results.
After you get used to doing regular back squats in your daily workouts, you will search for changes and variations. Don’t worry!

Squats Exercise

Besides the regular back squat you can do:


  • Front Squat

front squat exerciseThe front is the variation of the regular squat where you bring the bar in front of the body just like in the picture to the left. The bar will rest on your upper chest and front shoulder delts and by keeping the elbows high and locking that position you will provide the needed lock so the weight doesn’t drop forward. This variation is a great one because it targets the whole upper body despite the fact it’s used as a lower body exercise.
Targeting the core primary the ABS and upper back is what you will find challenging at first, but actually, that is why I personally love this exercise more than any other squat variation.


  • Goblet Squat
Goblet Squat ExerciseGoblet squat is the second variation of the regular squat and it is done with a Kettlebell or Dumbbell in front of your body similar to the bar positioning in the Front Squat.
You can see this variation on the picture to the left.




  • Sumo Squat
Sumo Squat ExerciseThe third variation Sumo squat is to be done with your legs spread wider than in the regular squat. This variation of the squat will target your hip flexors like no other squat variation ever will. Take a look at the picture to the left so you see how you can perform the Sumo stance squat.




  • Box Squat
Despite the fact that many will say that I should mention the Zercher squats, I will leave them behind and say a few words about the Box SquatBox squat is a variation of the regular squat, similar to that of the goblet squat pictured above, but done with a box under your butt. I decided to mention this one because of the fact that this exercise will work and activate your glutes like no other squat variation will.
It’s very good for athletes, especially for those who want to work on increasing their explosive power by lowering slowly and exploding up fast.
Now that you know all these variations and how they are performed, let’s see the benefits of implementing the Squats Exercise in your training.
A primary muscle group that is activating every time when you are doing squats are the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. So if your goal is to build strong legs that ensure a proper posture of the body during daily physical activities and getting incredible explosiveness and power, then as I said before in this article squats should be the BASE of your current training program.
You can use and practice any of the above-given variations of squats, and with a proper form and dedication, you will gradually increase the weight.
And we all know that :
If the muscles of the legs are the primary muscle group that is activated when you perform a squat, then the muscles of the torso represent a secondary muscle group that helps with stabilizing the movement and protects the body from unwanted and unnatural movements when performing this complex and compound exercise. When performed, the regular barbell back squat is isometrically activating the abdominals and erector spinal muscle groups providing great body posture.  Add amino acid supplements to aid in muscle growth and wellness.
At the same time, the pelvic muscles are activated to provide proper support and lowering the body in the final position of the exercise.
The presentation of a variety increases the production of anabolic hormones in our body and therefore all those who are doing squats on regular basis, have higher levels of testosterone, and growth hormone compared to those who are not active and have lower levels of these two. Increased production of anabolic hormones allows greater muscle growth and faster and better muscle recovery.
This compound exercise and complex movement strengthen up your joints and bones and at the same time is working on improving the balance and stability of the body. Doing squats will also increase the range of motion in the hips, resulting in a more flexible body and better body movements, at the same time lowering the risks of unwanted injuries. By implementing the upper body and its muscle groups while doing squats, you are actually strengthening the muscles needed to improve your natural body posture.
Because of these benefits, many athletes both professional and non-professional are doing squats on a daily basis.
Many professional trainers are targeting the squat as an exercise that is involving all those muscle groups in the legs that are used when you do a vertical jump. So as a lover of old-school methods and programs, I have to say that if you want to jump as high as a kangaroo then you better implement the squat in your VJ training.
How much should you lift?
Depends from person to person and from athlete to athlete, everybody is different. For those who aren’t introduced, the squat won’t increase your vertical all by himself, but it will provide a great level of strength that you need for you to jump higher. Here are three simple formulas that you can follow, to know where you stand with your strength levels on the squat:
Beginner – bellow 1.5 bodyweight
Intermediate – from 1.5 to 2.0 bodyweight
Advanced – from 2.0 to 2.0 plus bodyweight.
So when you look at these 3 formulas you will see that in order to jump as high as possible, it will be good for you to lift 2.0 of your body weight while doing squats. Don’t get played by these formulas, and the things I’ve said above, everything is science, so as the Vertical Jump.
My point here is, not everyone will get improvements on their VJ just from squats, as I said before each and everybody is different.
That would be all for this article.
I hope you find this article useful and interesting at the same time.
I suggest you implement the Squats Exercise as one of the best exercises ever, in your regular workouts, and I guarantee you will be amazed by the ending results.
There’s no Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, there is only SQUATS DAY.


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