Old School Bodybuilding – Top 10 Moves For New Gains

​​Old School Bodybuilding

Old School Bodybuilding. For some, bodybuilding is a means to lose fat, get stronger, sculpt their abs, arms, chest, and gain muscle. Others, see bodybuilding in a negative way with the talk of steroids and such.  No matter what your view is in The Top 10 Old Bodybuilding Moves For New Gains these old school bodybuilding classics may be exactly what your muscles need to grow like weeds.

Bodybuilding gets a bad rap these days. Most people associate the term “bodybuilding” with steroids, baby oil, and posing trunks. And if you asked the average guy or Men's Health reader what type of fitness content they'd be interested in, bodybuilding would be pretty low on the list.

Old School Bodybuilding

If you take away all of the drugs, the swollen bellies, and the semantics, bodybuilding is the natural pursuit of maximizing your body composition, or the ratio of lean body mass to fat mass. If you want more muscle and less fat and you want the best chance of maintaining those results over time, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of classic old school bodybuilding training.

Over the next couple of weeks, try to plug any combination of these exercises into your current routine and see how you like them.

That's we why asked natural bodybuilder Julian “The Quad Guy” Smith for his 10 favorite old school bodybuilding moves so you can start plugging them back into your routine to stimulate new gains.


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