Dating Apps – The Modern Rules of Relationships Have Changed

Dating Apps

Glamour conducted their own survey of 1,000 women and experts to see if dating apps have really changed the way people meet each other in today's modern society.   In How dating app have changed modern relationships you will see that there are apps for every situation one can think of when looking to find someone to hang out with.  You will also explore how these dating apps work, and see that the way of the past is now gone forever…

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how single people met each other before dating apps like Tinder. Did we go out to bars? Just bang our friends when we accidentally lingered too long at the house party? It’s amazing how quickly we’ve adapted to swiping through thousands of potential partners while half-watching reruns of Friends. And although I’ve never talked to a woman who didn’t have complicated feelings about being on a dating apps (as a single woman myself, whether I love or loathe Tinder changes every time I open it), there’s very little comprehensive research on the wider effects of mobile dating.

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