The First Thing Your Dermatologist Notices About You

Dermatologists are experts at first appearances.  While the condition of your skin is ultimately the first thing a dermatologist will look at, they’re reading and diagnosing it far beyond its cosmetic appearance.  In This Is the First Thing Your Dermatologist Notices About You | Reader's Digest, You will discover why you can't hide your unhealthy habits from the trained eyes of a dermatologist.

The first thing they’ll notice is “whether the patient has a deep frown line. Typically, the skin is at the very least dehydrated, dull, and with a little bit of laxity. It’s a good reminder to use a medical-grade skin care line like NeoCutis, which has a number of active ingredients to help stimulate cell turnover and restore hydration to the skin,” says Ava Shamban, MD, Beverly Hills Dermatologist and founder of SKINxFIVE.

However, beyond noting the strengths and shortcomings of your skin-care routine, your dermatologist can also tell a ton about your body’s general well-being just by looking at your skin. “The skin is a window to our overall health. Not only can it show signs of an underlying medical condition (such as a thyroid issue, autoimmune disease, or even diabetes), it also reflects your overall diet, stress levels, and hormonal balance,” Dr. Bowe says.


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