Exercise Workouts for Summer Dresses – Arms and Back

Exercise Workouts

Exercise Workouts.  Chelsea Peng, the assistant editor at MarieClaire shares some great advice for getting your body ready for the outdoors without those embarrassing loose spots on your arms and back.  In 5 Workout Moves That'll Get You Ready for Strapless/Backless/Any Summer Dresses she goes into detail on each of the exercise workouts and how it actually helps each part of your body.

As we put the finishing touches on our summer bods (whatever those are)—or panic-Google “how to get ab and arm definition in three days,” then give up because McDonald's Monopoly is around the corner—now is the time to address the issue of armpit overhang. And any other upper-body bits you might like to tighten up before you must put on a strapless chartreuse bridesmaid's dress for your college roommate's wedding in June or any other of the material-light clothing the sleepless vibes of summer call for.

Below, the five exercise workouts that are covered in detail that will help you sculpt and tighten your body…

1. Pushup to Side Plank
2. Wide 2nd with Towel
3. Crabs with a Kick (Editor's note: LOL)
4. Tricep Extension in Lunge with Towel
5. Walking Plank


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