Has Your Exercise Routine Been Working for You?

Keeping motivated to an exercise routine is something we can all relate to.  But what if the routine your doing is not making you happy.  Maybe your trainer, a book, or a friend told you about a particular routine to follow because it's working for them.  What Exercise Routine Has Been Working for You?  looks at this very problem of finding a routine that will keep you motivated enough to not give up.  Find out what others are doing for there exercise routine and see if you can make it work for you…

Let’s talk about fitness routines we’ve been able to stick to and see if we can inspire each other.

In just a few workouts, I’ve added 20 pounds to my squat and my deadlift, so I’m excited to see where this is going. It’s also an easy routine to stick to because I can do it either at the small gym that’s really close to me, or the YMCA on the other side of town with the amazing weight room. (I make a pilgrimage there every weekend.)


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