Your Ex is Your Teacher, She is Not Your Enemy

In Your Ex is Not Your Enemy. She is Your Teacher, you will learn 5 things you can do that will not be a mistake when the relationship ends.

How do you respond when a relationship ends? If you’re like most people, your gut instinct might be to blame the other person. I can hear it now … “That ungrateful bitch! She didn’t appreciate what she had.”

It's better to step back from the whole thing and look at it from another angle, one that will help you the next time you're in a relationship with someone.

This isn’t a productive reaction because breakups happen for a reason. If you attack your former lover without performing any critical introspection, you’ll cheat yourself out of personal growth. Your ego doesn’t like to contemplate character flaws; but if you don’t confront them, you’ll never overcome them.



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