Cabbage Soup Diet – 7 Day Miracle Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

A cabbage soup diet is a good way to cleanse your system and remove toxins periodically. This diet is known by several names including TJ’s Miracle Diet, the Russian Peasant Diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet,  the Banana Diet, and the Sacred Heart Diet. Cabbage soup is a filler for this diet. You can eat all the soup you want, but the diet includes a variety of other foods as well. 

Totally absent from the diet are all processed foods. Also, carbohydrates are very limited and sugar is out too. Even though the diet includes a variety of foods, the foods are all quite simple and basic. It is described as a detox diet but it is also a weight loss diet too. The claim is that you will lose ten pounds in seven days. Many people verify that this is possible.

The plus is that you get plenty to eat so there is little chance of really getting hungry. You’ll be eating fruits and vegetables plus meat on some days and potatoes and rice too. Though you may very well crave your favorite foods that aren’t allowed, you only do the diet for a week. The diet is not a long-term way to eat. It’s just a short-term cleansing diet and a way to drop a few pounds in a hurry. Many people feel better after eliminating refined foods for a short time and that is what this diet plan does.

If you have determined to change the way you eat this cabbage soup diet plan is a good way to start. The plan will get you off to a start on your weight loss goals and motivate you to progress to a long-term eating plan. Combine a sensible eating plan with exercise and you can feel better and drop the weight you need to lose.

Each day of the diet you eat only certain foods plus all the cabbage soup you want. No exotic foods are required. No expensive pills or supplements. Just basic foods plus the diet. And you can make the soup in many different ways depending on what you like. This is a relatively painless detox diet and weight loss plan that will work for you.

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