Broken Heart, Are you suffering from it? Scientists may have found a way to cure it

Broken Heart

Broken Heart. A team of researchers who recruited around 40 volunteers from the University of Colorado Boulder in the US carried out a new study into human relationships.  The researchers believe they may have found a way to cure yourself of the pain caused by a break up from a relationship.  In there source The pain from a broken heart* is real, and scientists may have found a way to cure it describes how they went about using new research to uncover what old research didn't.

New research has found that the pain one feels from a break up may be real…

Thankfully, those unlucky in love may be eased by the placebo effect.

Previous studies have shown that placebos – treatments with no active ingredients – can ease pain in a variety of conditions, including depression.

The study they used is the first of its kind to measure the effect of a placebo on the emotional pain caused by a break-up.

They then entered a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine to track brain activity before being shown images of their ex and asked to recall the breakup.

Using a placebo treatment, you may be able to trick your mind into getting over a break up sooner.

“Breaking up with a partner is one of the most emotionally negative experiences a person can have, and it can be an important trigger for developing psychological problems,” said first author Leonie Koban.


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