7 Prostate Cancer Facts Absolutely All Men Need to Know

Prostate cancer is mostly a malady of the older male and is a leading cause of deaths in men. Since the introduction of the PSA test for screening, the incidence of detecting cancer has seen a profound increase. Although this type of ailment is a major cause of death, cancer itself is not the major cause but other factors that are associated with the disease causes one to succumb to the symptoms. Learn more in 7 Prostate Cancer Facts Absolutely All Men Need to Know

There’s no denying how important it is to raise awareness about breast cancer, so it makes complete sense that we give so much attention to the disease every October. What makes a little less sense is why so few people know prostate cancer, which runs rampant among men, has it’s own awareness month in September. Even initiatives like Movember group it in with other men’s health issues, including testicular cancer and mental health.

Since prostate cancer is so prevalent, it really deserves some stand-alone attention. For this reason, it’s time we shared these seven must-know facts about the disease.


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